Our PDR and Miatas Recent June Reviews

Imari Bleu says: AMAZING!!! I visited this location for dent repair. They were extremely nice! The repair took less than 10 minutes and they did such an amazing job I have no clue where the ding was! Also they have a huge fish tank that kept my baby entertained the entire time!~ https://goo.gl/maps/QbSFccTi1HUKLT1z7

Matthew M. says: They did great work on my F250 that got hail damage. They didn’t cut any corners and returned the truck on the date promised. ~ https://goo.gl/maps/diWRP3Ug2N98SdZ17

Roshan Vani says: It has been almost three months since I bought a Miata from Hugh, and I have had zero issues. I am pleased with my decision to do business with them. I have also since been back and had my wife's Honda bodywork touched up by Elvis and the team, and they did a fantastic job. I highly recommend Hugh and the whole team. ~ https://goo.gl/maps/SLnWXvFhqCoz3YNN6

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