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Ace paintless dent repair in lewisville. Excellent work and a fair price!

Great place, feat guys, honest work. What more can u ask for?

Ace Dent Repair did a great job on my car about a year ago. It is located in Lewisville. Ask for Carl.

Once again I had to bring my son’s Honda in for repairs. And once again they did outstanding work! Great prices and they never make me do any repairs that are not necessary. Many mechanics in the past have tried to get me to do WAY more than needed and charge me over thousands! Not here!!!

ACE is wonderful. They always take the best care of my vehicle issues

Suggest Ace Dentless Repair in Lewisville… the SE corner of l35 service x valley ridge. Hugh B of Highland Village TX owns the business. Highly skilled and ethical.

One Stop Auto Shop, Lewisville, TX. Ask for Hugh. He has been doing this kind of repairs for more than 15 years.

My husband and I bring all our cars to Ace! Hugh Bangerter, the owner, is our neighbor and we trust him and his mechanics. I backed into an ice cream truck several years ago, and they fixed the back end of my van. Just like new again! My husband scraped the top of the jeep with the mast from our small sailboat, and again Ace One stop Auto Shop came to our rescue. Jeep is like brand new again.

My family has been using Hugh Bangerter’s Auto mechanic and dent repair specialist for years now. We have 4 cars now so it is really important to have a mechanic you can trust. I recently had to bring my van to the dealership for repairs, but only because the Ace mechanic pointed out that I still have warranty on the part that needed to be fixed. The dealership charges $135 just for diagnostics! (also they were not very friendly) If this part weren’t still under warranty, no way would I give my business to my dealership service department. Most auto shops would have not told me about the warranty and did the work and charged me about $600.

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