Yellow "toyminator" race car by Ace One Stop Auto Shop

yellow "toyminator" race car by Ace One Stop Auto Shop

We have been taking the yellow "toyminator" race car to events for our ACE team to drive. The last event was two weeks ago at Circuit of the Americas in Austin. The photos and video are of that event. Visit our other Ace site to see the racing video. We ended up 19 out of 60 cars with our slow drivers. Last weekend the white Supra engined Miata, the "Suprada" was entered at a WRL race in College Station. The car had a lot of new improvements and had plenty of teething problems but by the time Sunday rolled around the car was the fastest thing on the track. At the end of the day it lost differential oil and had to quit an hour before the end but it was a lot of fun and opened everyone's eyes. Starting from 7th place, by the end of the first lap we were in 2nd, by the next lap in 1st and by lap 4 we were 20 seconds ahead of anyone else.

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